| rebirth (feminine noun) | /rɪˈneɪsəns/

Lille is a city of fierce tenacity and strength. Much like Detroit, Lille was once a vibrant industrial capital. However, the city faced economic devastation in the 1970’s, the evidence of which is still present today. Despite its turbulent history, Lille has reconstructed itself into one of France’s cultural capitals.

I believe this darkness is what most attracts me to Lille. It has character. Pride. Whether I’m drifting through the tree-lined streets of Vauban or exploring the bustling markets of Wazemmes, I’m reminded of this city’s sheer resilience.

Yes, the skies are a merciless steel grey; and I, sleepless and cold, am left to drift among the clouds. I am without moor, but I cannot help but admire this city and hope that I too will be reborn.

About Gabriella

I'm a twenty-something insomniac with a caffeine addiction and chronic wanderlust. I recently graduated with my M.A. in French, and I've spent the past two years living and working as an English teacher in France. I now work as an English professor at a university in Lille, where my students are learning to never omit the Oxford comma.
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